• Get your finances ready early!

  • If you will be taking out a mortgage, get pre-approved.

  • If you will be a cash buyer, prepare your proof of funds letter.

  • If you have significant equity in your home, or other assets, consider buying before you sell. We can help guide you.

  • Identify your NEEDS & WANTS in a home.

  • Remember you can change a house, but not it's location or neighborhood.

  • Keep in mind there is a premium for new. Your search may be influenced by new construction, even if you are buying an existing older home.

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  • Think about why you love this home & showcase those features.


  • Staging can be important, sometimes a consultation is all you need.


  • Keep in mind your home's value is likely impacted by new construction.


  • Practice "value based decision making". Call & ask about it!

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